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Let me create something magical filled with fresh, amazing, kidfabulous ideas.

Stage 1: Design Playdate
On our playdate, I’ll ask some “design detective” questions to discover clues to help me create something tailored just for your child. Fun, silly and simple questions will ensure their personality is reflected in their brand-new room. We will also discuss your vision for the room so I can get a better understanding of your style. I’ll also take photos and measurements of the room.
Stage 2: Design Synopsis
I’ll provide you with a design summary that includes updates, how-tos and a concept board featuring 5-7 ideas for your little one’s fantastic new space.
Stage 3: Shop till you Drop!
Once we decide on the idea, I’ll provide you with an easy-to-follow shopping list and you can purchase items. You’ll also receive styling tips so you can bring our ideas to life.